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  • What are the benefits of iAssist™?
    • Supports a two-way communication between back-of-house (administration) and the warehouse.
    • Submit transaction(s) and gather product details in real-time.
    • Create one or more transactions at a time
    • Configurable to support most all business processes.
    • No redundant data-entry with accurate & efficient data collection.
  • What ERP Systems does iAssist™ currently support?
    We support NISC, Daffron, Caselle and PCS ERP solutions currently. Plans to add more are always in the works. If you have a particular ERP system what we should integrate to service your needs please contact us.
  • What is required to run iAssist™?
    We provide all of the necessary equipment to run iAssist™ "out-of-the-box." However, we do not provide wireless equipment (such as routers, etc). Wireless equipment should be installed and configured by your network department or third-party network company.
  • What if I don't have a network department or third-party network company?
    In some cases we are able to provide the necessary installation to run your devices wirelessly if you are unable to obtain a third-party source or in-house resources.
  • What are the features of the Web Portal?
    We have to many features to list here. However, the web portal allows each company to monitor each device at each location (store room). Configure each device quickly. Fast reporting and much more...
  • Does it cost extra to upgrade to the latest version?
    Provided your maintenance agreement is up-to-date, we do not charge anything extra to update your software.